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Trial Lesson

30 minutes


It's very important that you find a singing coach whom you feel a good connection with. A singing coach who is suitable for you is not only able to teach you better vocal technique. She/he also needs to truly understand your needs and help you gain a deepened sense of self awareness for your personal growth as a vocalist. This session to meet and talk with Esther is a good opportunity just to find out if she is the right fit for you.

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Lessons for Kids

(Ages 4 - 9)

45 - 60 minutes

€40 for 1 lesson

€190 for 5 lessons

€360 for 10 lessons

During these lessons, Esther covers on many other areas aside from singing, such as music theory, music appreciation, speech & drama, and more. For children, building a strong foundation in their sense of listening and musical knowledge will make it easier for them to learn more complex theories and techniques as they grow older. These lessons will also help them to build their confidence in self-expression.

Kids 10 and above can sign up for the regular individual lessons.


Individual Lessons

60 minutes

€50 for 1 lesson

€240 for 5 lessons

€460 for 10 lessons

Esther tailor-makes each lesson to suit your personal needs and progress as a vocalist. Lessons usually comprise of warm-ups, vocal exercises, and singing songs with application of what we have been working on. 


Group Lessons

90 minutes

€200 for 8 lessons

(min 3 pax, max 6 pax)

You can sign up for group lessons if you prefer learning in a group and singing with others! Singing in a group can be especially nourishing for the soul. In fact, science has proven that singing together releases endorphins which enhances pleasure, and oxytocin which enhances feelings of trust and bonding.

These classes are subject to availability. 


Duo Lessons

90 minutes

€80 for 1 lesson

€380 for 5 lessons

€720 for 10 lessons

Duo lessons are great for when you would like to do something fun to bond with your partner, friend, or family member!

Also, if you are singing with a bandmate and have specific repertoire to work on in preparation for a performance or project that you are involved in together, Esther can help you with that. 

In duo lessons, it would be possible to work on certain topics like singing in harmony, balancing vocal levels, and listening to each other. 

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Special Workshops

Timing and costs vary depending on workshop theme

At the end of every quarter, Esther will invite a guest instructor over to conduct special workshops outside of regular singing lessons. The purpose of these workshops is to help students learn about skills that can enhance their existing vocal knowledge, broaden their perspectives on vocalising, and encourage them to get out of their comfort zones. 

The theme of each workshop will depend on feedback collected from students. What you crave to know more about, Esther will try her best to bring it to you!