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Open Singing/Jam Sessions

3rd December 2019 

8.30pm - 10pm

3rd January 2020

8.30pm - 10pm

17th January 2020

8.30pm - 10pm

Esther and her husband, Michael, are happy to open up their living room to anyone who would like a cosy place to make music and meet new people. Music improvisation as a group helps to build community, break down barriers, and create new friendships. All are welcome!


Positivity and creativity

Youth Harmony Workshop

30th November 2019 

10am - 2pm

A workshop organised for youths to get together and learn how to sing with each other. Students will learn commonly used harmonies in contemporary music, how harmonies complement a song, and how to listen to one another while singing their own parts. This workshop will be followed by a light lunch and making Xmas decorations together! 


€60 general price

€50 for existing students

Student Showcase

8th December 2019

2pm - 5pm

Bi-annually, students will get together with a short repertoire to sing in front of one another in a comfortable and non-intimidating setting. Performing outside one's comfort zone truly puts what you learn to the test and helps you to grow as a vocalist. This is also a great chance to meet new people and socialise over a common love of music! 


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