Open Singing/Jam Sessions

15th March 2020

8.30pm - 10pm

18th April 2020

8.30pm - 10pm

Esther and her husband, Michael, are happy to open up their living room to anyone who would like a cosy place to make music and meet new people. Music improvisation as a group helps to build community, break down barriers, and create new friendships. All are welcome!


Positivity and creativity


Youth Performance Workshop

(For Ages 7 - 18)

22nd March 2020 

2pm - 4pm


A workshop organised for youths to work on performance technique and gain more confidence performing in front of each other. Students will have an opportunity to learn from one another with open discussion and constructive feedback. The focus of this workshop will be on showmanship, microphone technique, and connecting with fellow musicians and audience members.




Summertime Choral Busking 

21st June 2020

2pm - 4pm

Various Parts of Amsterdam

There's no place better than outdoors when it's summertime! So we are going to bring the singing outdoors and provide some free entertainment for the general public! Esther will be arranging some fun vocal arrangements of popular songs for her students to sing and busk for fun.


Enthusiasm, Listening Ears, and maybe some Spare Change :P