First Blog Post!

First of all, I would just like to thank some of my students for their support and help in starting my own singing studio. Their giving hearts really encourage me significantly. And I just feel a very Gezellig feeling in my heart with all these amazing students as the cornerstone of my business.

There’s Elena, Isabella and Isobel who very gladly agreed to have their photographs taken for the website, Nina who not only agreed to be photographed, but also gave me a lot of feedback and advice about my site, Niclas who patiently sat down with me to work on my site’s SEO, and everyone who took the time to write me a review on Google.

I will never forget any of you and what you all have done for me. <3

In this blog, I will be sharing my thoughts about all sorts of topics that are singing and music related, tips and advice about singing techniques, and musings about anything new that I read about singing.

I love constructive discussion because it encourages growth. So please feel free to leave questions, feedback, or another point of view if you have any! :)


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