The Structure Of My Lessons

I am continuously thinking about how to revise and improve my lessons. There is always room to be better.

Previously, my lessons usually began with 10 minutes of relaxing vocal warmups to stretch those vocal muscles and get them ready, followed by another 10 to 20 minutes of technical exercises targeted at the subject my student would like to work on. The rest of the lesson would be spent on singing 1 or 2 songs with careful application of the technique we've been working on.

Of late, I've been quite taken by the idea of creativity and exploration without judgment, and I would like to incorporate more of that into my lessons. After all, where is the fun in singing if one can perfect a certain technique but does not know how to implement it into one's own singing through playful improvisation?

I think our society can be quite obsessed with perfection, but I also think being in a space where you're allowed to mess up can be quite liberating and it could also be the key to truly freeing up your voice. It's only when you let that voice fall a couple of times while it's finding it's footing then can it grow to take on a confident identity of its own.

With all that said, I'm going to include a section for exploration and experimentation towards the end of the lesson in which students can sing whatever song they want however they want, and the consensus will be that it's going to be beautiful enough for that moment.


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